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someone on this bus has an honest to god, disk-playing walkman

Shoutout to the total stranger who told me the terminal was closed, because I would have waited there for probably another 40 minutes wondering why neither of the next two busses came

Oh you know what? It actually wasn't Google's fault

The bus terminal at school is closed (which I didn't even know could happen) so the bus completely skipped a stop, which would surely cause weird data to get spat out

Well I'm fucking thrilled that google maps said "the bus will be here in one minute" and then one minute later, said "the bus was here two minutes ago"

Really cool that I was told I had time after the bus was already gone

i don't know enough about notre dame and its history to know if joking about it is disrespectful

gen: I dislocated something in my hand
me: see a doctor please!!!!
gen: no it’s ok I put it back :)

Coworker: I thought you'd gone home?
Me, face one inch from the paper I'm drawing on: enviromence

@monorail in poly morfism, the code is saiying, I can be yuor devil or your angle

ah no polymorphism just means it /is/ more than one thing, it can be accessed as more than one type



public class Cow extends Animal implements Edible{}

Cow a = new Cow();
Animal b = new Cow();
Edible c = new Cow();


that's polymorphism


i think?? that implementing an interface just means "i promise to have all the methods defined in the interface", so you can safely call that method on something if you know it implements the interface

and polymorphism has to do with inheriting multiple things, i think?

oh i just remembered i have half an hour to refresh my memory about polymorphism and java interfaces

there's one guy who i think probably disagrees and i honestly hope he starts talking shit because "as a power move" is the greatest way to come out

suuuuuuper casually posting "did you know that trans people are lovely" on facebook and making note of who i can trust

"i haven't watched Confinement in forever, i should catch up"

there has been half of one episode

psychology joke


Last night I spent three hours modding my Tetris lights to make this joke that only I find funny

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