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oh yeah you know the little plastic handles that hold the joycon into the switch? mine were damaged so they didn’t stay in very well

bought metal ones online and they’re 👌

bleh i just noticed a ui thing that broke slightly in an update

i’ll have to fix that at some point

you know it’s a good game of tetris 99 when you take home a victory but only got two 2 spins and 17 tetrises the whole time :)

remember yesterday when i was talking about how cool kirby lore is but had a hard time explaining it?

guess who just had this video recommended to her

i don’t know if it’s any good but if you’re interested in a completely unvetted experience, there you go

hershel layton spent his teenage years listening to richard dawkins and making creationist cringe compilations

that’s not established anywhere i just know it’s true

you ever post something to birdsite from your switch so it will get crossposted to fedi, and immediately regret it

made it to 2nd again but at least this time i knew i had no chance even before i started misdropping

my package came but it’s not at my door so i assume it’s in the communal mailbox thing

which i don’t know where we keep the key for

(and in fact, we might not have any copies of it at home, my parents may have them all)

i need to make my own smash bros clone so i can finally beat the shit out of that goddamn cocoa puffs bird
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