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how do i kill 40 minutes while i wait for my game to download without using up bandwidth so the game downloads slower

people keep saying "with all due respect" but then not burning all their worldly possessions upon an altar to appease my ancient wrath

Get the new 16K 4420p noscope fortine edition Nvidia Optimum bazinga for only $9,999 for a limited time only*

* requires installation of a live walrus in your living room

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

there are... four? i think four people who have 100% completed N++

i'm friends with one of them and i'm proud of her :p



one time i got a pokemon game (i think it was gen vi? might have been gen vi?) right when it came out, a little while before cristmas

i was planning on breeding a bunch of :delibird:, and wondertrading them on christmas day, so people who just got the game would have a nice surprise

i got all the way to putting a 5iv delibird and a ditto in the day care before it suddenly occurred to me that no one wants a delibird, so i didn't do it

management said they wouldn't schedule me on days i have school. they did.

management said they'd fix my schedule so i'm not working on days i have school. they didn't.

management thinks i'm coming in tomorrow. i'm not.

you know??? a gamer?? soft tummy, huge chest, big paws???



:ninetales:​:ms_arrow_left_right:β€‹πŸ¦Š βž• πŸ”₯
:ninetales_alola:​:ms_arrow_left_right:β€‹πŸ¦Š βž• ❄️

guys this is supposed to be a parody of the john lennon song

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