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when someone complains about how much i post on this fuckin website

@monorail for some strange reason you remind me of glaceon.... Huh.

you ever accidentally convince people there's human speech in the ps1 startup sound because your memory sucks

Boost me/follow me and I'll @ you with the Pokemon you remind me of

this was not a joke post! i thought i remembered that!! but i guess i'm wrong????

remember at the very end of the ps1 startup jingle how there was muttering that you couldn't quite hear? but it was clearly human speech? fucking creepy in hindsight

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My thumbs are learning things!

Not this though. Attempting this is still more likely to make me dead than to make me look cool or save my bugbut from spikes.

#HollowKnight #gaming #fanart

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Sup fellow mastohost folk, you know what's up

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