someone's mad that i was napping in the park

i'm not even near the playground area, i'm just taking up the baseball diamond that no one is using in december, fuck off

Oh wait, every chemical is produced by exactly one reaction (except ore)

I misread before, I thought there was more than one way to make fuel and you had to find the cheapest

today's part 1 looks easy, it's basically just "implement a search". don't know what part 2 will be obviously but i always like the intcode days

yesterday's part 1 is still intimidating but i haven't actually played with it yet

wanna play factorio but I'm at work and I'm now two days behind on advent of code

@cozykaffe i remember a couple years ago some cop did something terrible and the person recording it was far away so the cop didn't notice

and the person with the recording just sat on it until the police department made a statement

the cops literally just lied about what happened and that's when they showed up with proof like "no the fuck you did not"

baller move

okay now i am actually putting away my phone to go to sleep good night

i often feel like we live in the timeline where the cartoon villain got the time machine and the protagonist hasn't fixed it yet

battling online doesn't actually hurt your pokemon, you don't have to heal them afterwards

pokemon centers are single player health care

this is a joke, i'm not actually sad


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