sometimes i wish my personality was such that there could be games that i enjoy without making me hate myself but alas

@Kat yeah it sucks

usually when i take a screenshot it's because i want to post it here, so that's the one thing i use a birdsite -> mastodon crossposter for

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dad had to flip the breaker for something and it's the same one that powers my room so i guess homework is on pause

it's html forms

i've never played with html forms before but i've skimmed the lecture notes now

submitting the data? ez

actually having a script that accepts the post request and stores what you submitted? :blobdizzy:

however, it turns out the lab notes say "just point it at this perl script we wrote a decade ago"

was a little worried about some of my homework today because i didn't know how to do the thing in question but i looked closer and it turns out that it's split into an easy part and a hard part

the easy part is simple javascript that i'll hack together when i get there

the hard part i don't have to do

@citrustwee i like the ftl for helping me find cool new people (though i admit that only works because this instance is tiny), and i don't often use the local tl but when i do it's a nice way to make sure i'm caught up with my friends here in case my home timeline went too fast and i missed something

@netkitty oh, my pc speaker... i'd better find the manual for my motherboard to look up the beep code...

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