*slaps roof of a human body* this bad boy can fit so many lungs in it

@fluttergirly i used to be a christian

they're the same person, except for in some respects, where they're not

it's absurdly complicated

@cozykaffe he's in the corner animated like clippy going "Welcome to my Web Site!"

@cozykaffe you can get them on ebay or jeffbezos.ca

i got mine at a thrift shop, tons of old rhythm game controllers go there to die

was listening super hard because splatoon rips are usually pretty subtle (because they can hide so much behind an inkling filter) but this one hit me like a fucking truck lmao youtu.be/-3F1Yz-D9Dc

re: furry transformation thoughts of the night, some clone TF, of course i want to be turned into others on the Fediverse


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