there is a rather large asterisk on the result in my mind because

usually both teams have like eight or so people there, with up to five playing at a time, and if you're out you go to the back of the line including the people who didn't start on

well for some reason a lot of people missed this week. so we only had five people total, everyone started on at the beginning of each set

and the opposing team only had four people so they never had the full amount on that the rules allow them

but despite that i think we played really well

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we won a game for the first time since i joined at the beginning of last season

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the two people who liked this right away were ash ketchum and a gardevoir which makes some amount of sense

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feel free to think about glaceons. you are allowed

@seventy not bad! work is going slow but otherwise things are good. how are you

the busted up version of it that's in the code is mixed in with the town themes, so people thought it might have been a beta town theme, but apparently in the big nintendo leak there was source code revealing that it was a scrapped trading theme where each game boy would play half of the channels, which is cute

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this one (this is a fan recreation of what it might have sounded like given what we know, which iirc is pretty much just the shape of the melody)

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what i want from the pokemon franchise is for them to reuse the old unused gen 1 trading song for something one day

to show you what i mean, here's like, the example you have to know. this is the scenario that comes up most often. if you only know what to do in one situation and it's this situation, that's a great start

imagine you're player E. your team has 3 of the five balls, so its your team's responsibility to throw. (the other team is allowed to if they think they have a good opportunity but it's your job to)

both players on the opposing team with balls retreat to opposite corners, because "whoever's holding the ball" is the most valuable target. your teammates with balls, A and B, are bunched together, so they plan to throw. they're going to focus down a specific player, likely 1 because they're holding a ball, but may go for someone else as a mixup. as E, your job is not to throw.

notice 5. they know they're not being aimed at (because it would be quite an awkward angle) so they're sneaking up a bit from the corner. what they're looking to do is, when A and B throw, immediately retaliate at one of them while they're still in their recovery frames

you can't stop this from happening. so as E here, your job is to terrify them. you want 5 to know that if they throw at A or B, you're throwing at them immediately to capitalize. you need to hold that ball to present a credible threat

5 may choose to throw anyway, in which case you have to try to back up your implicit threat. but most of the time, they'll back down, and you gain very little from throwing

that's one of the reasons you might choose to hold onto a ball you have instead of using it

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