@pandentia I already had a little bit of trouble just trying to cut them with my shitty box cutter from work, actually stripping them would have been more of a pain

@pandentia I've never bothered with that but it's certainly an option. Not quite as simple as just cutting some wires, though.

I didn't actually make this one for security reasons, I have a much more boring purpose for it. But this is exactly how you make it impossible for data to travel through a cable.

Every once in a while you see an article or something floating around that talks about people using public phone charging stations to steal data, and warning that if you're going to use them to use a special charging-only cable. Obviously, those are kind of a specialty item that you'd have to buy from online or whatever. Sometimes they're selling you a specific one. But all they are is a USB cable with the two power lines, but no data lines.

So here's how to make one!

my shift starts two hours later than i thought it did, whoops

i asked if they wanted me to start early and they said no so i guess i'm chilling

re: sui of popular person, you probably know who


re: sui of popular person, you probably know who


Please Boost: Help a high school teacher make an inclusive sex ed!




@InspectorCaracal i have a rectangle on hollymcfarland.com that animates when you hover over it

i was experimenting with it because i think if you stacked them all up on top of each other and made them links with text on them, it would make a relatively pretty sidebar

that's all i've got

@InspectorCaracal you can but it's so intimidating to go from "i can make rectangles, colour things and sooort of move them around the screen, hell i can even do very simple animations" to something that's actually pretty and usable

obviously possible but the sheer leap from what i can do to anything even kind of acceptable is what puts me off of it

re: a real and cursed thing i typed just now




clarification about a thing i said on discord today and have also said here on fedi, but i said it on fedi so long ago that i'm sure no one remembers


a real and cursed thing i typed just now


a real and cursed thing i typed just now


@wigglytuffitout i skimmed because i'm exhausted but i'll give it a real read later, and anyway what i read made sense to me

i've noticed that a lot of instrumental music tends to be a lot less melody-focused than most video game music is, unless it's something like chiptune that's specifically trying to evoke a video gamey feel

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