my opinion about whether wings bad or wings good depends entirely on how we're doing in the current game

@hammerhead oh it's been so messy for so long that i've accepted that i'm just going to live like this forever, none of my attempts to keep it neat have stuck so why would i keep trying

thank you though

@skelly iirc the api actually works this way but the web interface only exposes a couple options

but if you were to forge a post request...

one time someone prank called my place of work like "is Mike there?"

but it didn't work because we actually did have someone named Mike so I said "no, he's off today"

"i need to speak with Mike"

"i could take a message for next time i see him?"

"please, bring Mike to the phone"

this went for about a minute before my manager noticed me and finally prompted me to ask "which Mike?" so they'd get out the punchline and hang up

i like to talk about the things i like but don't worry: give me the slightest hint that you're not interested and i'll shut up forever. like you won't even be able to convince me that you do care and that i imagined the hint

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