@socks so like, if you wanted to describe a melody but didn't care about the scale, you'd have to just say all the notes and then say "but transpose it to whatever you like"?

Spanish doesn't use letters to refer to notes, i am fucked up atm

@socks how do you talk about a melody in a scale-independent way??

i'm fascinated

accidentally started a music notation argument between my partners

@socks we already call the notes by a unique letter name so it's redundant to also have a syllable name for singing

instead we use that for intervals from the root

(and "si" became "ti" so that they'd all start with a unique letter)

i'm sorry, i can't sing and i'm trying to be quiet


@socks in English we use "movable do", which means that "do re mi fa so la ti do" is always walking up whichever scale we're using

in some places in the world, they have "fixed do", so that's always walking up C major

@Frinkeldoodle no you're not a bother!!

tbh i think us sharing a name is so cute that it vastly outweighs any slight inconvenience

in some places in the world, "do re mi" etc means specifically "C D E" etc, rather than meaning "root second third" and that fucks me up

just posted this in a thread but i'm gonna post it here because it's so fucking wild

why is It Wasn't Me in mixolydian. what the fuck

like of all the songs to do an interesting music theory thing, why is it the "picture this we were both α΅‡α΅˜α΅—α΅— naked" one

@cherubiks though that's still a little weird because i believe her meatspace last name starts with m

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