Every once in a while you see an article or something floating around that talks about people using public phone charging stations to steal data, and warning that if you're going to use them to use a special charging-only cable. Obviously, those are kind of a specialty item that you'd have to buy from online or whatever. Sometimes they're selling you a specific one. But all they are is a USB cable with the two power lines, but no data lines.

So here's how to make one!


hey niki

hey @behold3r


can you imagine me doing this trick


imagine i spent however many dozens of tries trying to get this trick to work

and i finally got it

and it wasn't even right


can you imagine

There we go! I used to have this kind of thing set up on my instance but they refactored some stuff and I had to get rid of my customizations to fix a merge conflict.

For context: glaceon.social's backend doesn't enforce a character limit. It reports an absurdly high character limit (471^2) for the sake of apps like Tusky that understand character limits, but if you send a longer message to the server it will accept it. As such, it doesn't really make sense to have the character count go down. I've changed it to go up instead.

However, we have what I'm calling a "soft character limit" of 750. Beyond that number, your character count turns red and you get a warning saying "hey, this toot is kinda long". If you add a content warning, both of those go away.

yaay i fixed it so that multiple warnings will display again if they're all relevant

(a while ago it was changed so that only one of the three warnings would appear, the first one that applied of needsLockWarning, hashtagWarning and directMessageWarning. i didn't like that so now all the relevant warnings will appear again)

how the fuck do i make this bar at the bottom not pop up every three seconds so i can enjoy the stream

i'm the only person i know who can tell you exactly when they became a furry, to the minute

It's almost like they planned for the Wii U to be a flop only worth pulling out every once in a while for a specific game. You don't even have to hook it up to anything! The screen's in the controller! It's so convenient!

#gw2 currently in an argument about what constitutes a haunted house (img desc too long, see reply)

I claim no responsibility for the inaccuracies in this picture, but it made me laugh anyway

(img desc in reply)

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