Attached: The two story scenes from Grave's arcade mode in Fantasy Strike

I think they're pretty important.

(2ish minute video, subtitles on screen)

i've been trying to get my one fighting game friend to try fantasy strike and i think this is going to be the thing that makes him finally grab it

trans surgery shitpost


i don't know anything about jojo but this made me laugh

image hidden in case it's spoilers? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

once upon a time i was like "maybe when i get better at fantasy strike i'll try playing other fighting games also" but then i saw this so it turns out i'm playing fantasy strike forever

i have two mastodon tabs open so i can be writing a very long post about a dream i had while also talking to my friends

i keep seeing this thumbnail and like, i only know two of these bands, but they're both still making music. so i guess nothing?

food, completely meaningless


modifying my bash aliases to more accurately complain about mastodon in the future

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