i'd like to thank all the new players for making me seem better in comparison, and i'd especially like to thank shloak, who's game crashed or something to give me the final win before a single round was played

since i'm reposting pictures of me i guess, here's a fun one

the first time i ever dynamaxed. i'm already 82' tall normally so no one was completely sure what was going to happen. some people told me i'd probably only get a little bit taller at most, since normally when pokemon dynamax they hit basically the same ceiling

they were wrong

are people talking about heights today? because i've got all you motherfuckers beat

using google earth vr to get screenshots of my viewpoint from different heights

this is what it's like for me when i'm dynamaxed. in the second image i'm kneeling and leaning down

it doesn't come across as well outside of vr sadly

the owner of this neopet posted her on reddit and clarified that she's a lesbian

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