playing a game where you have to make words by moving the columns up and down, and you win by using all the letters in at least one word

i'm stuck

ono i ran this through an fbx converter to turn it into a version that blender could read and now it's covered in spikes

anyone know why this happens?

unity question, please help


genitals mention


FUCK me, i set a trans avatar on discord today and also have steamvr running

i couldn't resist

(don't ask me why there's no audio, i also don't know, i had to restart obs to get audio back)

I work at a place that makes equipment for tv broadcasting and when we test stuff, we use actual footage from our clients

Which is how I learned that there's a show called Clean House where one of the hosts looks just like Griffin McElroy

God I'm like. Thinking about VR stuff again, now that I have a full time job and I have confirmed my computer can handle it

But my room looks like this

this game is making me create a memory bank of eight cells and like. i did that. but then it also says "btw it should be outputting whatever's on the data lines on the same cycle as it writes to the cell" so i had to do that gross thing over on the left, where i NOT the readwrite input and use it to activate the SELECT chip and it's just a mess

i'm sure there's a better way to do it but this works Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

i think it's funny that these extremely simple pushbuttons have datasheets because who would ever need a datasheet for them

(it's me. i'm the one who needs them. i always forget which pins get shorted together)

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