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monorail @monorail

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make it not have murder eyes, but here it is

I haven't figured out yet how to change the instance description so it's still " is one server in the instance".

Fuck dude it sure is

@monorail it's in the settings, the administration panel

@Siphonay yeah, i should figure out how to get to the admin panel lmao

@monorail it's a category in the regular settings you're going to for like changing your profile

@monorail you did not make your account an administrator

@Siphonay oh i thought /accounts/1 was admin by default? i may have confused it with single-user mode

@Siphonay that is something that i will have to look into, then :P ty


the murder eyes really brings the page together

@c1t7 i wanted to draw a cute pokemon but instead it looks like it's saying "join this instance or perish"


i like it.
stern, mischievous, what isn't there to like?