i was watching this streamer talk about how they feel about each splatoon 3 map and i was so ready for them to dunk on makomart

and then they got to makomart and went "obviously a great map, nobody needs me to explain that" and moved on


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@monorail I wanna know what they said about Mahi Mahi, its one of my favorite maps (next to camp triggerfish) but also such small words for a map that slaps like Mako Mart "its a good map" explain why its a good map

@ducki i mean it wasn't like they were making a video explaining the maps, they just answered a question in chat like "how do you feel about all the maps"

they said that mahi mahi could be way better if it didn't have the tide gimmick and just was always in its final state, the starting layout doesn't have enough room and a good e-liter can just run over an entire lobby

@ducki this is from the perspective of competitive play fwiw

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