web mastodon puts a border around the emoji πŸ”›, but the way it does it causes some false positives


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oooh actually i haven't tested it in a while, maybe it has some New weird and fucked up behaviour

@monorail my only mastodon pr was in relation to the border application code, it shouldn't apply to custom emoji at all
I think the issue with that is unrelated

@monorail originally it was done via CSS but that caused artifacting, my change baked the borders into the emoji themselves
the old way shouldn't be able to cause that effect and the new one definitely can't affect custom emoji

@leo ah yeah that makes sense, this new effect is not what i expected to see either

@leo back in the day when I checked there was css applying the border to elements with the name "on", which was true of custom and real emojis

this was a LONG time ago though, it could have been changed since

@monorail oh my god I never even considered that, that might still be a problem but the specific visual issue seems like it'd be a weird result

@monorail never mind this makes perfect sense. it was changed (don't remember if before or after my change?) so that monochrome black emoji like πŸ”› were inverted with CSS instead of getting a border and that applies to custom emoji with the same name still

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