my one skip slooowly creeps towards +100

it's at +84 now which is nice

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i'm not actually convinced i like it that much anymore but i'm still proud of it

idk if that makes any sense

like i made the concept work to the best of my ability and people liked it. how i feel about it is no longer really relevant


one of the critters told me i should write out the specific model of gun used in one of the experiments so i did and now i really regret it, it's totally unnecessary detail that would scan better as just "a handgun" but wow what a bizarre minor edit that would be after not touching it since 2018

i don't even know if what's written in the final piece makes any sense because i just copied what they said i should put, i don't know anythinga bout guns

i have decided that i will actually link it but before you click the link you have to promise you understand that while i think the concept is interesting i wish i had executed it better

it was 2018 it was a different time (it was not a different time)

it is so fuckin cool that someone translated it to chinese though

NO idea if the translation is even okay but wow they must have really like dit

@monorail tbh 3972 is on my list of like five or six of mine that I think suck now so I think this is just a natural reaction to having published on the website

@kate faaair but like, the way my thing works kind of messes with the distinction between cognitohazards and infohazards in a weird way and i just grabbed 3972 as an example of a relatively harmless and easy-to-control infohazard they could use to test it with

and i know there's no canon but it'd really suck if the author was there to say "that's not how it works" LMAO

@monorail luckily I am absolutely allergic to explaining or deciding how things work. i death of the author myself on all my scps, interpret it as you will

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