If you want to play Super Smash Bros. Melee online, the software to do that can be found here:

Make an account, download the launcher, and that's basically it! You'll have to do the normal emulator things (e.g. set up your controls if you aren't using an adapter that Dolphin supports out of the box) but once you do, launching the game will put you directly into an Online Play menu. Slippi Dolphin hooks into the game to handle things like your account, mmr, rollback netcode, etc. From the perspective of actually playing, it's extremely seamless.

You will need to have an iso of ssbm version 1.02. If you're looking for a link to one: How dare you! My personal copy was ripped directly from a real disc using a hacked console, which is the legal way to do it. I keep it on a file server for my own personal use, not distribution. In fact, why don't you shoot me a DM so I can scold you some more there.

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redrafted because there was a stray apostrophe, which i thought was a mark on my disgusting monitor

@onfy slippi is best known for online multiplayer because it's useful to so many people and it's so incredibly impressive, but that's not the only thing it does. in fact it's not even the first thing it did, that functionality is built on top of what slippi originally did: recording stats about matches, saving replays to be viewed later, etc

you can "use slippi" on console via nintendont, in that you can save replays or mirror the gameplay to dolphin (for better quality streaming while still being able to play on console), but you can't play online. the way the netcode is implemented relies specifically on the way dolphin works; it's not even just that the gamecube isn't powerful enough, it just can't do the things dolphin does

@monorail I mean, technically Nintendont runs only on Wii (/U) and can do things a real GC can't, like play Triforce games...

But dang. At least they apparently have Linux builds. I'd be interested in playing with you when my life isn't... this way. Though I'm really not good at Smash.

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