never played a yakuza game but i did watch a couple of lets plays and it was extremely funny to me that the main story took itself pretty seriously and then every single thing that wasn't the main story was the most buck wild shit

@monorail all i remember from yakuza was spending hours and hours on the TCR slot racing minigame because shits addictive

@monorail And then periodically Majima busts through the front door of the main story to INSIST things get more over the top for a bit

@swiff @monorail at one point in kiwami 1 majima has his goons drive dump trucks into a brothel to destroy the building??? they never explain why he did that and why he fights kiryu there

@georgespolitzer @monorail I think you answered your own question. He did it so that he could fight Kiryu there. The building was in the way, in that Kiryu was inside of it and Majima was outside of it. Can't fight like that

@monorail it will never stop being funny that there's a side story in yakuza 0 where you have to get a grade schooler to stop beating up other children and stealing their pants, also that child grows up to being one of the scariest villains in the entire series

@monorail honestly after watching friends play them

yakuza games are fucking great at managing tone

it goes balls to the wall on both the silly AND the melodrama, and it somehow all works together, and that is DELIGHTFUL.

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