I have really strong opinions about what is and isn't a Muppet. Whenever I tell people that they ask me about all these muppet-adjacent characters like "oh what about the vampire from sesame street, does he count?"

Uh, yeah, that's all he does

@monorail what about the Sesame Street characters that Kermit interacted with like big bird and oscar

@Morgan i don't actually have muppet opinions, i was just setting up the joke

@monorail all Henson critters are muppets. Fraggles are muppets. Gelflings are muppets.

@monorail your muppet opinions are: obviously the count is a muppet

@monorail I recently found out that Jim Henson was willing to do a crossover with ALF, but it didn't happen because, as much as the creator of ALF wanted to so badly, he didn't want to risk any confusion of ALF being thought of as a muppet. So he didn't do it.

So my muppet opinion is that crossover should have happened.

what about the Snowths, from that mahna mahna sketch, Do they? ;)

@FiXato @monorail Yes, and Bip Bippadotta.

And the koosbanians.

One can argue Vincent Price, also, as he appeared on the Muppet Show. As did Moominschantz(sp,) Ray Clark, Linda Ronstadt, Harvey Korman, and Edgar Bergen.

One can argue that they are NOT muppets, because they could move about on their own, but of course, Moominschantz cannot, so... is John Cleese a muppet?

Alice Cooper, obviously, is a Muppet, as he can transform into a huge version of himself on stage.

@Truck I think you missed my Do (do dooo doo doooo) ;)

@FiXato @monorail Obviously not (:

I should also mention that C3PO, Luke Skywalker, and R2D2 are muppets, also. I'm FAIRLY sure Chewbacca also appeared in that episode, but it's been a while.

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