the way i play magic the gathering casually is that my deck isn't competitive or anything, i'll put things in because they're funny or w/e, but the moment the cards hit the table i want nothing more than your head on a plate. i'm going to take my deck and be as ruthless as i possibly can with it

deckbuilding is the time for silly fun, as soon as the game starts i'm doing everything in my power to end you


this is why i cut [[Worldslayer]] out of my deck, because if i'm in a situation where hitting with it is my best play i will do it even if it means the game lasts 4 hours, and the easiest way to prevent "hitting with Worldslayer to stall" from being my best play is to cut Worldslayer

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@monorail I feel like if I knew the Magic meta better this might change, but: in a very general sense, I would absolutely include a stall and use it to stall if I thought it was my best chance to win, and I would think it was hilarious the whole time.

@The_T the thing about magic is that

(everything i'm about to say has a big "WELL, BASICALLY" attached to it, there are always exceptions, but y'know)

one every turn you can play a land, and every turn you can get one mana out of each of your lands, and you use all that mana to actually do stuff

most of the ways you can mess with your opponent's things don't work on lands, so in general the later in the game you are, the more mana you have to do stuff with

worldslayer is an exception, it destroys everything on the table including everyone's lands, basically resetting everyone back to turn 1. but it's actually worse than that because everyone's probably already played the lands they drew at the beginning of the game and don't have any left to play, so the game grinds to a halt as everyone has to wait to draw more lands before they can do anything

@The_T funny in an "ok everyone buckle in, we'll be dealing with the consequences of this for three hours" kind of way

@monorail @The_T AND worldslayer sticks around. So you Know that it's gonna happen again

@Aleums @The_T worldslayer has been sitting in my trade binder since the game that post is about, big Sealed Evil In A Can energy

@monorail this is basically why I cut all the fun tax/stax cards from my [[alesha, who smiles at death]] edh deck - I kept thinking "well I could try to advance my boardstate, but probably lose to the UG player with twice as many lands as me,, or I could reanimate [[Hokori, Dust Drinker]] again

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