the thing about swords is that there really is no "biggest sword you can imagine" because once you've imagined it, there's nothing stopping you from imagining a bigger sword

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i'm thinking about that because someone posted about a 196kg sword. it's made of an unknown metal that's implied to be supernatural but still. big heavy sword

people are doing calculations about how dense it would have to be and i keep going "it's like tungsten"

@monorail oh nopt his human sword his robot sword, which is bigger

@monorail actually i wonder if dygengar's sword is bigger than astray red's leverage is more important in melee weaponry than weight because leverage allows you to apply greater force than weight does

@rain in the context they wrote it in, it was like "this guy is very strong, we know because their sword is 196kg"

@monorail what if you imagined a sword that grows every time it's size is perceived? at some point does the sword grow to a size that one could no longer imagine? and if it does, at what point would that be? and if it doesn't, then what does that say about the power of psyche?

@monorail @Liizerd If the sword is infinitely big, then even if it is bigger it is also still the same size.

@monorail @Liizerd There is at least one infinity that things cannot be bigger than, though.

@monorail @Liizerd If it were bigger it would in fact also still be the same size.

@fibonacci_reminder @monorail the funny thing about this argument is that the sword's size is literally just "bigger"

like, that is the only property of the size of the sword.

which means both of you are making the exact same argument as each other

@fibonacci_reminder @monorail @Liizerd Is there? The size of a sword would be expressed as a cardinal number, and the infinite cardinals are the aleph-numbers. Aleph-numbers are indexed by ordinals, and (to my knowledge) there is no biggest ordinal, you can always add 1, which gives you a strictly bigger aleph-number.

@KamareDrache @monorail @Liizerd You can generalize the ordinal numbers to surreal numbers, and further generalize the surreal numbers to include 'gaps', and one such 'gap' is called On, which is special because On + 1 = On.

@monorail I remember an old Flash game called "Ginormo Sword" that explored this premise

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