@FirstProgenitor like just say "no" don't be condescending about it while missing the point

@monorail i think its funny lol. if this person wants to play classic doom they should play classic doom

@FirstProgenitor that's fine but they were asking a question about what the game would support and got condescended at for no reason??

like i'm not saying "they should have put a classic mode in doom 2016", i'm saying "you shouldn't be rude to people who would have liked a classic mode in doom 2016"

@monorail idk i think being rude to gamers is good especially ones who fetishize old games as better for some reason

@FirstProgenitor they have not hurt anyone by wanting to play a game differently than you

@monorail the post is literally about playing the game differently than intended lol its about demanding that doom be like old doom because they want the game to be not what it is


@FirstProgenitor the answer to this is "no" and that's fine but just say no, don't go out of your way to miss the point

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