you can be a wizard if you're a girl or a witch if you're a boy. or any other gender. don't let people tell you they're gendered terms. you're a WIZARD if you know what you're doing and you're a WITCH if you throw shit in a pot because a rhyme told you to

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@monorail i disagree, witches are the ones who know what they're doing unlike wizards

@behold3r @monorail i attest that both witches and wizards know what they're doing. the distinguishing aspect is their approaches to magic.

@monorail Counterpoint: you're a WITCH if it just looks like you're throwing shit in a pot but you actually know exactly what you're doing, and you're a WIZARD if you can only cast spells if a book tells you what to do ;)

@monorail That's the life cycle of the wizard: fuck around, find out, write down what you found out, repeat :)

@noelle and that's why wizards are cool: the scientific method

@noelle @monorail this way, it ferls line I got Wizard training but ended up being a witch.
*throws things into a tiny "pot" to see if the potion the potion makers are making is still okay*

@monorail I think I've once read about the original term for witch having had gendered forms, the male version probably having been "Wicce" which was basically pronounced like "witcher" but I can't be certain wether it is the result of some revisionism, I don't even know the source anymore :/

@monorail Remember, you're a COOK if you just throw shit in a pot and expect it to taste nice, and a CHEF if you do that and also claim to know exactly what you're doing~ πŸ€

@monorail let's be honest.

Wizards like to pretend they know what they're doing but they're only like 70% sure.

Witches 100% know what they're doing and are quiet about it.

@monorail in the books I’ve been reading wizards are by-the-book study nerds with formal rankings and witches live in the forest and are generally considered somewhat feral

@monorail You're a Wizard if you don't know what you're doing and write it down when it works, you're a Witch if you throw shit in a pot and make a rhyme about it when it sounds good regardless of if it works.

@monorail incredibly dangerous to believe wizards when they tell you they know what they're doing

@monorail you're a wizard if your magic comes with student loans, you're a witch if you learned from multiple old people

@monorail you're a WIZARD if you make sure to wear a cool hat, you're a WITCH if you used your hat at a pot years ago.

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