no one has ever explained to me what kinning is such that i could understand how it's materially different from me being glaceon

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@monorail it depends on the person the specifics of it but it matches pretty well with my experience of it

@monorail it's up to you whether you consider it a kin or not though

@monorail I think when people use "kin" as a transitive verb it's more to do with specific characters/entities where you're also importing an individual's personality and lore into yourself

while the noun case of "kin" is more like "I'm kin with X, in that X is part of the same family as me" where "family" can be ancestry or taxonomic [same species/family] or spiritually or adoptive or what

like you could kin "ash's pikachu", but that would be different from being a glaceon-kin. It probably isn't materially different at all, mate, I think it's the same thing.

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