making a new ttrpg where instead of the vague "hp" mechanic, it uses something much more tangible: hd, or hot dogs

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when you're hit you drop some of your hot dogs and when you drop them all you die

Make it chili dogs and make "original world donut steele" sonic ttrpg hd - Hard Drive space? or make a game where you collect old hard drives?

@monorail i don't know if you knew this or not but this joke is made more funny by the fact that d&d already has something called hd

@monorail @hoppet hot dice, they're like those cylinder dice but made out of sausage

@noelle @monorail @hoppet ok but if you carefully whittled some of those lil smokies sausages... Or better yet

Wrap in crescent rolls dough to have more definite sides, and paint on the numbers with a little food dye

Then you could almost actually make hot dog dice work,

@monorail hit dice are a number roughly equivalent to level, with some subtle distinctions. it can be thought of as the number of dice you've rolled to determine your hp

@monorail most players don't really think about it but it's important for gms balancing encounters

@hoppet oh yeah i know hit dice i've just never used an acronym for them

@monorail they serve a slightly different role in 5th edition iirc so they may not use that acronym anymore

@hoppet sometimes i wonder what happened to 3e. like how busted did it have to be for them to have to publish a 3.5e that everyone only played forever

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