i don't understand why people say "discord replies should have notifications off by default"

like you realize the thing it's replacing is "@monorail#0471 this is my reply"

i'm trying to get your attention. you're trying to get my attention. please notify me so i don't miss it

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@monorail yeaaaa. you know how the SCP forums DONT have a notification system for forums and how its hellish to juggle forum threads lmao

like... yea notifcations are needed lmao

@monorail were these the god damn opinions mentioned earlier because honestly i expected something way spicier

@monorail you did, sometimes it's hard to tell what is and is not an overexaggeration though. thank you for clarifying have a nice evening

@monorail i use replies for both

"you said this 4 messages ago and i want to make it clear i am answering you and not someone else"
"you said this 4 months ago and i want to make sure you see this"

the former i do more often, and dont want to ping them because they are likely still in the conversation ready to reply to me. i turn off all pings & manually @ someone in the reply if i need, but maybe im weird

@monorail "this program has poorly designed notification control, so i should randomly flame people for raising notifications when they are specifically trying to talk to me" —at least one person on every public server, apparently

@monorail internally it's literally got the @blahuserhere in the message text

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