something i think is funny is that, in a sense, vaccines don't have side effects. the whole point is to get your immune system fired up over nothing, if your immune system is overreacting that's exactly what you want

very much an "electric heaters do nothing, but inefficiently" kind of thinking

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i'm not saying that if you don't have side effects, the vaccine isn't working

i am saying that if you do have side effects, that's it working

@monorail side effects may include: heightened resistance to covid-19

@monorail See, this is why when I got the vaccines and had no (side-)effects I was like 'ooh, no I won' t be immune and I'll die.'

@monorail electric heaters are 100% efficient by definition

@noiob yes but that's because the definition of efficiency is weird when applied to electric heaters

@monorail I mean the correct term would be effectiveness, not efficiency but still, all the electric energy gets turned into heat

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