i know we all love to hate printers but can i get a "fuck scanners" in the chat for real

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"hello! i have two pieces of paper and would like to create a 2 page pdf file, please :)"

"go to hell"

@monorail phone cameras are better scanners than scanners nowadays sldkhjgsljflsdk

@monorail scanners don't exist . Those are just fax machines that got all pretentious

@monorail isn't this really more of a PDF issue then anything

@lunadook no you can scan to a 2 page pdf if your scanner software is good

@socks @monorail i mean, sometimes? if you're really lucky about which software happens to operate with your particular scanner?

@00dani @socks i have to create two 1-page pdfs and stitch them together with more software after

@00dani @monorail Oh I see. The one I use is Xsane and it does that pretty well

@monorail you want to scan a document? well unfortunately since the last time you used me four years ago, you shifted me slightly without the scanner arm locked and now i Simply Will Not

long, scanner complaining 

@monorail we got a new printer/scanner to replace the old one we had that got its print head fucked up somehow, and holy *fuck* is this new one a pain in the ass to use

The old one, if I wanted to scan multiple pages into one PDF & send it to my computer, pretty simple process once I had the drivers installed: set destination to my computer, set to PDF scan, scan the first page, and then just hit scan again until I'm done & hit "end" - all from the scanner's interface panel

This new one? If I want to do multiple pages, I *have* to scan it using a program installed on the destination computer - which is my laptop, normally upstairs & all plugged in, while the scanner is downstairs

@starseeker I can't even figure out if I CAN scan multiple pages on mine, I have to take a bunch of 1 page scans and stitch them together after

I've looked into it and the instructions for multi page scanning refer to a program that we don't have, it's not the one for this printer

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