i haven't even played skyrim for more than half an hour or so but i can't stop listening to this silly meme song about wanting to live in a skyrim house

life makes sense when i'm kickin' it in breezehome
suckin' on a tafffy treat and flippin' through a freeze tome
proventus avenicci won't you let me take the keys home

cause i wanna live in a skyrim house

i wish i could boost the fact that mads liked these


this is still suck in my head btw

Web 1 0 1

this song is so silly but genuinely extremely catchy somehow 

cruisn' through riften, makin' money griftin'
pop a few bottles, now the skooma got me driftin'
pick a few pockets 'cause you know i be regiftin'
livin' like a thief like my name arvel the swift, and

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