trying to figure out if she's singing in japanese or in gibberish and not making any progress

@avie should clarify that i'm not trying to be patronizing about the japanese language, i just think it's cute that she's actually singing and it's not just noises

@monorail at one point in the tutorial song she very audibly exclaims "naruhodo~!"

@monorail yea naruhodo is basically like "i see!" or "i get it!"

@monorail that joke flew over my head but i hoped i helped


Phoenix "Nick" Wright, known as Ry奴ichi Naruhod艒 in the original Japanese language versions,

@monorail that rabbit didn't lie, that game sure makes me press buttons

@monorail This game's tutorial lives rent free in my head tbh

@monorail I'd like a list of video games where you don't press the buttons

Sonic the Hedgehog (you only press 1 button)

@monorail idk, seeing someone play that would push my buttons

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