@monorail i started playing yesterday and this has been bothering me as well lmao

@monorail if after 22 years they really didn't fix that they don't understand rule of thirds, I am done

@The_T I mean in this one it is explicitly research photography where the rules are different, but i just want to see cute pokemon :p

Notably, though, you can go back into your photos and touch them up in different ways before sharing them, like adjusting the camera angle and position. So you can turn a photo that scores well into one that looks good

@monorail you can reposition the camera.... in a photo

@monorail just saying, that's a really good camera...

@monorail I'm not saying this is destroying my chances of playing pokemon snap, but I deliberately didn't buy the game because I was pretty sure I was gonna become mad taking shitty photos, lol

@lapis you can adjust photos after their scored, including changing the camera position, so by the time i share the photos i'm generally happy with them

@lapis @monorail ! this changes my perspective greatly, i think i want it now, lmao

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