hello fediverse

if you have like, two minutes, please consider filling out this survey i have to do for school

it's about how many books you read. don't worry if you don't read books very much, that's actually one of the things we're looking for

it's a google form. sorry

@monorail my answer to these questions really depends on whether technical reference manuals etc. count as books

@sys64738 i think that for the purposes of this survey they do

but also i personally care less about how accurate it is and more about getting enough responses to draw some kind of conclusion

@monorail fine, but i hope these results aren't being transmitted to the KGB (my employer)

@monorail if you specify hard cover books you should probably include soft cover books as an option

@noiob i should probably have read what my group actually wrote after i left

i just changed it to paper books to not invalidate anything

@monorail last 2 questions don’t matter for me I don’t read, never have so don’t even know what I’d like :psyduck:

@sidd_harth0_5h4h honestly i'm not extremely concerned with everything being perfectly accurate

we're just hoping to get enough responses to draw some kind of conclusion about our hypothesis, even if it turns out that the conclusion is "we were wrong'

@monorail depends on the scope, steam only or student only, after high school education or not, level, etc a lot to think & consider for surveys; I’ve had to learn about surveys in a subject 🤐

@monorail Questions:
- Is an academic textbook a book
- Is a laptop an e-reader device

@socks uhhh let's go with yes on both counts

i'm not particularly invested in the quality of the responses we get tbh

@socks @monorail i guess we *did* read the entirety of IEEE standard 315-1975 yesterday....

@monorail if you want Books Georg to mess up your data I can help. I've read twenty books in the last month

@monorail filled it out. I expected number of books to be a question which is why I thought it might be bad to add my data, but I see it's just measuring reading time. That's a much better idea, that way people's speed doesn't have to be corrected for

@monorail I kind of wish you had an option for technical books as well. Although I do enjoy reading the occasional fiction work, most of my reading (such as it is) tends to be technical in nature.

@vertigo yeah we probably should have included that but i had to run before the survey was finalized and the rest of the group finished it without me :/

@monorail the categories available for "what kind" are intriguing.

@monorail I did it but I didn't like how boring it made me sound lol

@monorail filled in!

I found a missing option: reading ebooks on the computer screen. (So I toggled e-readers, since that's the closest option I chose.)

@monorail since you asked if i considered books a good way to learn, i figured it was safe to include assigned reading in my totals

@monorail We just recently did a survey for our own project as well, so I definitely sympathize with the desire to just get some answers, any answers at all. (as well as with you sending the group the right answers and questions, but them writing it wrong and you having it to fix it ... also happened here.)
Filled out. Good luck with your project; I hope you pass with high marks!
Damn, the question about my preferred way of reading books was sad though. My immediate reaction was "Paper, obviously!", and then I paused and realized "Wait ... but it's been so long since I've actually held a paper book in my hands ..." Comes with me mostly reading English books, and those not being available in braille all that often here. Still, I need to change that.

reading survey response, covid adjacent 

@monorail there's no "anything else you'd like to tell us" field, so I'd like to add a data point here: I'm definitely reading more in lockdown than I did in the previous few years
-as an escape
-because I feel like I have more time
-because my local library system does ebook loans and I don't have to go outside where people are to get my books

@monorail odd, the "average amount of time i spend reading in a week". i like. don't read every week for half an hour. i get a book like every couple months and then am consumed by it until i'm done basically. "average" doesn't capture my habits! but that's okay.

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