@monorail Goodness! Now I'm kinda curious what the issue is with everyone reacting positively to the "don't care".

Good for them. FLOSS Development is volunteers work. Nobody can tell you what to do, and if a maintainer has no issue and no motivation to fix issues for others, that's completely valid, as long as they do not block solutions coming from others.

Requesting that someone else invests their free time into something that is not an issue for them is just a dickmove.

@musicmatze @monorail Indeed, I'd also say this. It's completly valid by a maintainer to decide that an issue should not be solved. (People can disagree and fork, after all, if they find this so bad.)

Thoigh, however, IMHO it would be kind to state that when closing the issue (without the need of others to ask) and explain the reasoning a little.

@rugk @musicmatze @monorail in this case the maintainer themselves submitted the bug, so they were probably intending to fix it but ended up not wanting to. also, the bug was that it didn't work on a ci test service or something, so not a thing for users anyways

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