i used to actually know someone who was angry about lgbt people use rainbows because it was appropriated from god

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@monorail oh they're gonna be livid if they knew what i and a couple of my friends are doing...

@swiff i guess but the rainbow was specifically a message sent to humanity from god, was his issue

@monorail @swiff leprechauns are PISSED with all the gays snoopin around for their gold!!!

@monorail like theyre so close to getting it and just hard right @ wanna be mad at queers street

@hi_cial i actually don't understand how he was close to being right

@monorail oh

Part of the appeal of rainbow symbolism is that like god gave u rainbows god gave u gays so if someones all HRMF STOLE IT FROM GOD ur sposed to be like lol are they not gods creatures enjoying his gift of life or somesuch

@monorail my friend's mom used to be annoyed about it bc she used to be a ministry clown (!!) called Rainbow but now "I can't do that anymore without people thinking it's a gay thing"

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