what has four letters, occasionally has twelve letters, always has six letters, and never has five letters

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@monorail You know how sometimes peeps post aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

or just aaa?


@BatElite yeah but idk what you're talking about

it's like your guessing the answer to a riddle, when i just shared a fun spelling fact

@monorail they'll always have an equal number of letters because half of them are in the mirror.

@monorail and suddenly I've learned to read. And noticed there wasn't any question mark.

I still think my guess is good, though.

@zatnosk what has four letters: w h a t
occasionally has twelve letters: o c c a s i a n a l l y

it's just fun spelling facts

@monorail I had to go away, make a cup of tea and come back again before the penny dropped for me on that one πŸ˜…

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