is the walmart generic brand called Great Value outside of canada

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@toydragon @monorail although walmart has like 3 or 4 generic brands for different things that you don't know are generic until you read the fine print on the label

@toydragon @monorail some things i'm learning are that most clothes sold in a walmart are just walmart manufactured wtf

i thought george was a legit brand of dress clothes but nope, walmart cheap stuff

@monorail yep, it is in the us! i worked in the qa lab of a factory that made great value drink mix packets

@monorail Walmart has a couple of generic brands, such as Equate, Onn, and Blackweb.

@monorail The chain Walmart owns in the UK, ASDA, shares a lot of the same branding and practices.

But their own brand is called "Smart Price"

@monorail they share the George clothing brand, apparently. in Denmark we have a generic brand called "Budget".
This is pretty unrelated though, since we don't have walmart.

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