c major is for chumps. have you tried a minor

"c major is for chumps" yeah a whole fucking major scale is for "chumps" ok

@monorail melodic minor: seems fine, then fuck 'em up on the way out

@BestGirlGrace @monorail it was okay, i would've liked it better if i'd known being a girl was an option at the time

holly, love, this sounds v bad when you read "a minor" as being two separate words

@aradinfinity @monorail i'm just thankful for @BestGirlGrace 's reply directly above this, which may be the only non-horrific reading of that

@monorail holly glaceon have you thought about telling The Bad Part Of The Fediverse to try a minor,

@wigglytuffitout listen

i didn't realize at the time but i think it's clear from context

@monorail did you pick those particular scales because they're the same :blobcatthinking:

@monorail @binchicken also, this sounds like c major pentatonic with extra...


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