every single time anyone talks about how bad d&d is my desire to never play another system again grows stronger

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@monorail the few ttrpg seances I did were with people who like doing improvisation and theatral plays. Thus they didn't like d&d as there is too much dice rolling for them.

@monorail oh hey, I have played loads of TTRPGs and I love D&D. 3.5e was wonderful, 4e was the first game I played, and 5e I think makes 3.5e system good and accessible.

I even played 1e AD&D. It was very awful but also kind of amazing in sheer crunchiness. I had a blast playing it and ignoring the rules I couldn't make sense of.

Just adding some D&D positivity to your TL.

@monorail and if someone talks about how good DnD is?

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