@monorail whenever I see this picture I hear bitcrushed 19/2000

@gorol @xenon @monorail Imagine blacking out and waking up in a burning car in a graveyard lmao


Lad not too far away from me did exactly that (only just got his licence and was rushing to get to a pop festival)

Thankfully him and his passengers escaped with just cuts and bruises (and a 12 month ban plus requirement to retake extended road test)



some large British roundabouts have lanes going straight across for this purpose, some are restricted for blue light use only but others allowed for all traffic, such a roundabout is known as a "hamburger" roundabout 馃榿


I've never encountered anything like that!
This is the only one I know:
AND, we only got it last year to replace a 4-way stop we had at the junction of a couple of highways.
(I saved it out in case it's dark here when you look at it)


thats a reasonable design to be fair, plenty of space to see other traffic and not full of distracting things like plants/shrubbery/advertising boards you sometimes get on roundabouts here.

4 way stops (uncontrolled crossroads) are *very* rare in England nowadays - even in the deepest rural areas you usually get a mini roundabout..


Oh, believe you me: I'm not complaining about it! I love it! Waaay better than the 4-way. I've wanted one for years there.

@gemlog @vfrmedia @monorail

we've had a half dozen or so go in around the region since we moved back and I'm a fan

Me too! I argued with our town council for one in a different location years before we finally got that one.
Ppl not stopping at highway speeds resulted in a bunch of deaths and injuries over the years.
@vfrmedia @monorail

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