just because you didn't learn anything using arch doesn't mean nobody will learn things using arch holy siht

@monorail I remember a post like "Sometimes on facebook you see someone you're friends with posting something in response to an absolutely wild take and wonder what kind of disconnect there is between your social circles"

This is that

@socks someone made some post about how just copypasting commands you don't understand won't teach you anything, as if just copypasting commands is mandatory for using arch


@the_gayest_doggo @socks i mean if you're literally just copying them from a step by step guide and making no attempt at all to understand what the command does or why you needed it then, then i get it


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@monorail @socks but even then

How else am I supposed to learn systemd/apache2/mysql etc

We've long past outscaled the Linux ecosystem we had when you could just pop a lol bit of code in and recompile your whatever to make it work well or when you could just read all the man pages on day 1.

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