wait holy fuck

my whole fucking life i've gone "porygon doesn't make sense. like i buy that they programmed a pokemon but programs don't have physical form"


pokemon and items can be stored as data in the pc. technology is amazing

@IceWolf @monorail there's literally a guy in the starting town of every pokemon game who comments on how amazing technology is

@Felthry @monorail Ooookay I am uh just going to run as far away from Pokémon as I can then. >,,>

philosophy/triggers shit 

@Felthry @monorail so it like copies you into the PC and you're stored as data, right?

so it's a copy-you-and-kill-the-original-you situation.

/Happening all the time/.

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@IceWolf @monorail there's no indication that any copying is going on

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@Felthry @monorail Aren't you copied /in/, then copied back /out/?

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@Felthry @monorail Like even if the /data/ isn't copied you're still copy-killed in transit it sounds like...

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@IceWolf @monorail We've always thought of it more like a portal situation

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@Felthry @monorail Ohhh okay that's good to hear.

/Very/ different than being stored as data!

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@IceWolf @monorail i mean you are stored as data?

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@Felthry @monorail Theeeen that's still a problem because you're still copied in right?

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@monorail @Felthry I was /just/ going to ask how those worked.

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@IceWolf @Felthry i'm pretty sure both of them just kind of handwave it like "step into this portal and be transported to the digital world" without any explanation of how that process works but it's never implied that it might be philosophically terrifying

re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@monorail @Felthry Huhh yeah if there's a portal involved then there's like, never any point at which there is an original you and copy-data.

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re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@monorail @IceWolf digimon is very explicitly a portal to the digital world yeah

it's implied that some characters might have some idea of how it works but it's actually something that just kinda started happening naturally some 20~30 years prior to the events of the anime

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re: philosophy/triggers shit 

@IceWolf @monorail how do you define copied?

@IceWolf @Felthry if it helps there's no file copying or anything, you just store them in the pc and take them out later

@monorail you have the file format. just kinda fuck around in there and see what you can come up with

@AshBunny @BestGirlGrace @monorail Then you get the Porygon data back in the PC, modified slightly perhaps to reflect its battling experience.

@BestGirlGrace i have actually hex edited some pokemon and tried to import them back into the game but even though i did the math and the checksum should have worked, it didn't, must have done something wrong

@BestGirlGrace @monorail i've decided they accidentally made missingno first and released it into the wild nearby

since they are presumably working from the laboratory on cinnabar island, and the tiny stretch of water with no programmed wild encounters is nearby,

then porygon2 and porygon-z are patches to porygon

interestingly, porygon-z is flavored as being created for the purpose of /extradimensional exploration/, like, the sci fi concept

also i rly appreciate that porygon is a duck b/c programmers often will have rubber duckies at their workstation

@monorail pokemon and digimon are literally the same fucking thing

@monorail I can't believe this. I can't take this. I'm moving to

@monorail Oh, that's a good setup for a porygon TF :porygon:

@monorail and some guy named bill created this technology in his basement by accident when he was trying to make a machne to transform himself into a clefairy, which he obviously kins.

@SuperGideon @monorail Bill from Bill's PC fame is a fucking genius beyond any that we have see in our own world. He invented a way to digitally living beings as data, to transfer them, and to recreate their physical bodies out of seemingly nothing at will.

And all we know about him is that he's just some guy named Bill.

@monorail it still doesn't make sense in the Mystery Dungeon universe, though.

@monorail Honestly its surprising this has only happened the once

@monorail Hold on Porygon is DRMed according to bulbapedia?

"According to its Pokédex entries, it has copy protection built into its code, preventing duplication through electronic means"

@monorail @kurt This is hilarious if you, well, know anything about Pokémon glitches whatsoever.

@a_breakin_glass @monorail If other pokémon can just be copied then Pokémon Day Care is kind of a scam.

@kurt @monorail *downloads a porygon from a warez bbs, has to sit through a cracktro every time their new catch exits a pokeball*

@kurt @monorail Evolution to Porygon-Z involves cracked software, why else is the disc dubious and only evolves through trading

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