hello, never saw this scam before but heads up

i assume it leads into some kind of "just log into this phishing site and i'll make it ok"

@monorail yeah, or contact a "steam admin" who wants you to trade them an item from a game for them to verify and then trade it back.

@monorail gotten people while sent me this on both steam and discord. But always good to give a heads up

@monorail yeah, they tend to send you to fake discords of steam employees
if anyone tells you they reported your account you tell them no and then you get out of there, it's the oldest trick in the book

@pastelpunkbandit @monorail that discord server list... I can already feel my phone becoming unresponsive due to the notifications...

@pastelpunkbandit @monorail also do other people not block every single bot that ever DMs them?

@monorail @pastelpunkbandit no like. actual discord bots with the "bot" badge in their profile. it pisses me off when they DM me a link to help documentation instead of just putting a list of commands in chat so I usually block them lol

@keith @pastelpunkbandit oh

no, i'm usually quite happy to get documentation in my dms

and then there's blasebot, which i actually signed up for dms from on purpose

@monorail @pastelpunkbandit huh

honestly the main reason it bothers me is just that I have to switch over to another chat in order to read the help I asked for

and then there's Mee6 and other shitty bots like it. fuckers won't stop spamming me with "@keith you just advanced to level x" "@keith you just advanced to level x+0.000001" every time I talk, and send me annoying DMs every time I join a server

@monorail @pastelpunkbandit so I just block them as soon as they DM me unexpectedly before they have a chance to become extremely annoying

if I *want* it to DM me that's fine but please at least ask the user for permission first 🤦

@keith @pastelpunkbandit that's not the half of it

that's literally true, that's less than half of it

i'm in 100 servers and every time i want to join a new one i have to find one to leave

that said i only check like 6 of them and they all have notifications off except for mentions

@monorail christ this is the same script that steam scam bots have been using for years. I guess if it fools people there it’ll probably fool even more on discord

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