god there's a tumblr post i saw years ago that i still get fucking heated about every time i remember it like "not only do competitive smash players take all the fun out of the game, but they're actually bad at the game because they have to turn off all kinds of shit that the game was intended to be played with to be able to compete. if they turned on the items and played on the fun maps they wouldn't be good anymore, and the 'causal' players would beat them"



the "waah you're taking the fun out of it" argument is as old as time and at this point i don't care to try to convince you that Some People Might Like Different Things Than You

but it's extremely wild to suggest that once you have items on and you play on onett or whatever, your fundamentals stop mattering and you tech skill disappears

especially considering pro players occasionally have streams where they relax by turning on items and playing on silly maps. they already fucking do it

it boggles the mind

reducing variance matters in high level play because the skill gaps can be so small

all the variance the game has to offer won't save someone who has never seriously practiced against people who regularly take tournaments. i promise you can't even begin to imagine how much better than you they are

@monorail Holly some people are horrendously wrong on the internet. You don't have to dedicate any of your mental energy to them

@monorail Dedicate your mental energy to cuddling cute friends instead

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