(i have blocked out their name not because i think their opinion in excusable or whatever but because i disagree with them and don't want it to look like i'm just dunking or whatever)

@monorail tbf, I understand the problem 7-bag is designed to solve, as perfect randomness is inherently unfair (here's your 40 drought of I pieces, etc.)

I just think it should be 14-bag at a minimum

@KS honestly that's completely fair and i genuinely didn't want to present your opinion as the "worse" one or whatever just because the other one is mine

i just think the juxtaposition is funny

@monorail yeah i found it funny at the time too :p

i just realized i didn't really explain why I felt that way at the time

@monorail i mean if people don't want to be able to chain perfect clears (theoretically) forever be my guest, go play with a different bag system

@monorail i think i understand this because i watched an austin mcconnell video about how to play tetris forever yesterday

@monorail forever as in unending, not as in the entry in the tetris series which i think exists

@cdmnky my friend, you have only begun to grasp at what people do with the 7-bag randomizer

imagine opening every game like this glaceon.social/@monorail/10170

@cdmnky i don't know how to do it but i am very practiced at getting my ass kicked by it

@cdmnky there's also this strategy which i do know how to do but i'm not good at

basically you set up your first 7 pieces in this shape (or equivalent, you can mirror the whole thing and you can build the square made out of L, J, O and I differently) and then there's something like a 74% chance that your next 3 pieces and your hold slot can somehow turn it into a perfect clear, you just have to find it

(i did show off a perfect clear in the clip but there's a lot of ways you can do it, and i usually miss them)

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