god it's still extremely funny that the most important technique in Goldeneye speedrunning was discovered because someone didn't understand english very well and misunderstood a post

like someone got a wr and said that they had just tried to "put their nose to the grindstone" or whatever to get it

and this old man who no one knew read that and thought "oh, you go faster if you point your nose down in the game"

.........and was right, because it reduces lag

@monorail And that this technique almost broke the community in half.

Somehow more controversial than having a second controller with the face plate taken off and pressing the circuit board to get a better time.

@monorail the guy was from the us so i think he just didnt know that phrase

@dumpster the thing i saw said he wasn't a native speaker and seeing some of his posts, i believed it, but it's possible that someone made an accident in their research

@dumpster like he seemed to struggle to explain exactly what the trick was that he was doing even though it was just "look down" so i would believe it was a language barrier

but maybenot

@monorail was this before or after people learned looking at the ground is generally a good idea to reduce lag?

Because I've seen that often enough, that I feel like it's one of the go to things.

@monorail I thought it was because the guy who discovered it was the 60+ year old guy who wasn't internet savvy and was unknown and was talking oddly because of his age. there is a YouTube ep by rwwhitegoose about it.

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