Shoutout to that one tumblr joke about tetris that enough people thought was real that it was presented as fact on jeopardy

Extremely worried about this post having more boosts than the op but at least the image desc says it's fake

@monorail referring to the puyo puyo tetris characters by these names instead and completely pissing them off

@00dani @monorail idk i feel like ai wouldnt be angry at you for calling them "hero" but they would be very fucking confused

@00dani @monorail o would 100% *love* being called "smashboy" though,

@monorail I've never called them those names. Where did you get that?

@skquinn i realized too late that i should have put "these are fake" in the same toot as the picture instead of threading them, because the picture ended up getting more boosts than its parent, but at least the image description says it's fake

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