"honourifics based on respect don't make sense" said the speaker of a language where titles reveal marital status but only for women

@Nik yeah but it's still weird that it happens by default, also some other languages don't support ms

@Nik i had a french teacher who went by ms. lastname because it was no one's business whether she was married, but because she was teaching us french she did have to tell us that she was married so we'd know how to refer to her

@Nik @monorail it may have been intended that way, I don’t know, but in practice “miss” means never married, “mrs” means married or widowed, and “ms” implies she’s been divorced. (Frame of ref: American Deep South)

@monorail @hammerhead Yeah, it's used pretty much as intended here too (Michigan, half-hour drive from the Canadian border)

@monorail their opinion is consistent with their experience. Titles that reveal marital status are based on disrespect.

@monorail I recall a German class where it was noted that distinction was being removed from German, it was long ago so I didn't understand now, but I do understand now, languages need to clean up and work on deleting sexist stuff like that and just being universal; marriage status shouldn't be considered an intrinsic property connected to a woman's identity

@monorail respect is a way cooler feature for honorifics than marital status tbh. English needs to go all in on "sir" and friends

@quarky @monorail tbf i find respect-based ones way too complicated because i always get anxious about which one to use and never really knowing for sure and fearing that people might get angry at me for getting it wrong (same with T-V distinctions, eg. in french)

tbf i never knew about what the difference between miss, mrs and ms was either (nor did i get why the distinction was important) until i read this thread

so uuuuuuuh i dont like honorifics at all

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