Ah, Seacouver, the greatest city in the wor- *i am immediately drawn into an argument with someone from Lostokyoangeles*

the fact that Ace Attorney is set in Lostoykoangeles will never stop being funny to me, and it's turning into being a fan for awkwardly named localized cities

@BestGirlGrace wait is that actually the real name of the games' setting

@00dani no, the localized game takes place in Los Angeles, fans just say "Lostokyoangeles" as a joke on the imported elements of japanese culture

@BestGirlGrace okay yeah that makes sense

since yeah, it's just. the most japanese los angeles imaginable

why didn't the localisation just not change the setting,

@monorail @BestGirlGrace wait, how did they not realise though

by the time they started localising the games, aa2 and aa3 already existed in japanese too? :blobcattilt:​

@00dani @monorail I don't think they planned on the series taking off, honestly

japanese visual novels weren't quite as popular in the states in 2005

@BestGirlGrace @00dani yeah i wouldn't be surprised if the localization team didn't even get to look at aa2 and 3

@monorail @BestGirlGrace @00dani i do know 2 was released in japan w its english translation already within the game (thats how i played!) And as i recall they threw in a fresh prince of bel air ref so i guess whoever was lead was a 4chan weeb living in japan

@hi_cial @monorail @00dani yeah, they sure do keep throwing in extremely topical references

I know for 1, they did two english translations: one for Japanese audience as an English learning aid, and one, later, localization that got released in the States


@BestGirlGrace @00dani @hi_cial and then it came back as a meme at right around the right time for that to be a reference someone makes in-universe, it was perfect

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