the really good thing about the sentiment of "if you can't explain it to your grandmother you don't really get it" is the idea that any knowledge that's built on other knowledge is fake. that seems good and healthy

@monorail "okay, so the reason he turns into a pickle is because--"

@monorail Standing on the shoulders of giants? Not on my watch, get back on the ground

@monorail hmm

my grandmother doesn't have or want an internet connection

looks at all the programming languages i know


@monorail i feel like it's more "you don't really understand it until you're able to explain it from the ground up to someone with zero prior knowledge" but a lot of people use it as "complex things are fake" which is awful

@kat @monorail "complex things are fake" sounds like a bimbo approach though

@maxine @monorail i wouldn't say it works in every situation, but it's definitely helped me in a couple

@monorail all knowledge is built on other knowledge tho?

i agree with that sentiment but i'd stipulate that it only makes sense at a high level (eg explaining the von neumann model/what a programmer does in general)

@monorail not to mention it seems really unfair bc some ppl are gifted at explaining, some are gifted at communicating... & some elderly have a harder time processing new info bc of things like hearing issues or untreated mh issues or dementia.........idk seems very "theres only one way of understanding :)" which is just hmm red flaggy

@hi_cial i don't think it's supposed to be specifically "your grandmother in particular" but yeah other than that i agree for sure

@InspectorCaracal @monorail I have no surviving grandparents. Guess I don't know anything! :thaenkin:​

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