happy to report that i'm the best player in the game

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re: mkwii 

@Aleums blue shells match your speed before they lock on, but once they're locked they stop matching your speed. you have just enough time to use a mushroom to get out of their range when the slamming down animation begins to play. it's actually quite lenient, once i knew the cue i started getting it basically every time

it just happened to line up perfectly with a shortcut you need a mushroom for anyway

re: mkwii 

@monorail I'm guessing you can only pull it off at 150cc

re: mkwii 

@Aleums I'm pretty sure you can in 100cc too, but i haven't tested 50cc

it's really not as tight as you'd expect

re: mkwii 

@Aleums realizing too late it would have been funny to say "using CTGP to disable in-game music so I can just listen to spotify, and using an input capture device with the background chroma keyed out for the display on the left"

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