@monorail do a frame perfect first move as soon as the timer starts to move the white king on top of the black king and win

@shadow8t4 @monorail i mean sure but it's easier to just piano roll for the board edge clip on wakeup, i know the purists are all like "but that glitches the board through the table half the time" but honestly i don't see why that isn't still counted as a win or at least a stalemate

@monorail ironically this post calling us animals is oddly affirming

@cdmnky the other day i mentioned pooltoy furries in the blaseball discord and someone said "that's a new term"

@cdmnky @monorail furries dunking on hipsters is the most blaseball thing i can imagine and i love it

@monorail nah it's a mate in four but i never in my life have seen a chessboard i felt deserved to be dealt with on its own terms

closest i've ever gotten was that one sorta date, but that ended up not having been worth the trouble anyway soooo

@monorail idk, if I were the queen, I would simply 鈥済o off鈥 and take the other king directly 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔

@monorail 1. a4-h4 a5-h5

...hang on just gotta look up the FIDE notation for forming a workers' soviet

@monorail ok but

the queen and king are wrong

king is always on its color

@deejvalen unfortunately you've heard wrong

as a random game which i knew would be trustworthy, here's kasparov vs deep blue in 1997

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