if i had a podcast i would make up sponsors but they'd always be weird vague things like "this week's episode is supported in part by: music"

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@The_T i love the wrong answers of the game but i was thinking more like

@monorail this image has a lot of unidentifiable energy

@monorail look we'll just have to accept that there are so many Drawfee episodes that each episode can only be watched by 1 of us

@monorail anyway what episode is this from, do you have a link by chance

mild spoilers 

@The_T it's the one where they finally pull jacob's most foul shape

@monorail I'm not clicking that!!! let me watch the episode first!!!!

re: mild spoilers 

@monorail yes, I know, I just watched it πŸ™ƒ

also, I think I hate chips now

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