is it weird that in any piece of media where something supernatural happens to only certain people and no one else can perceive it, my first instinct is working out how i'd prove its existence to anyone outside of that group if i had to

like in persona(??) i think(???) certain people get an extra hour in the day to fight monsters in(?????? i haven't played any of them) but i bet you could devise some proof-of-work scheme to show that you were doing calculations for longer than the amount of time available to everyone else

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i remember in the chaotix tie-in cartoon there was an episode where they were trying to smuggle a passcode and a phone number through the secret world to prove that it existed to people who couldn't access it

with the difficulty being that they didn't have much time and you can't bring notes with you, so they had to memorize it quickly and it was easy to make mistakes

@monorail this is persona 3
persona 4 is 'world inside the TV'
persona 5 is 'access to people's unconscious'

and yes i do the same thing too

@monorail 4's is probably the easiest because you just... literally crawl into the tv. obviously video proof would be very difficult because of the existence of CGI, but an in-person proof is basically trivial

for 5 it isn't clear what the rules around what other people see when persona-users go into the alternate reality is, so i'm not sure if it's trivial or difficult

@hierarchon @monorail ok but seriously persona 2 is the only game that made me use the ppsspp 1000x speed trigger, so i can kinda see why people ignore them sahdglkdshg

@monorail thats only in persona 3 all the games have vaguely different rules

@monorail I didn't know there was a knuckles chaotix cartoon

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