@monorail Hoping our Wii game ripping actually works this time!

@monorail (Not that we really need to, at this point it's more of a "can we get it to work, just curious" thing. :3)

@IceWolf i've only ripped games from my wii once or twice but it worked flawlessly on the first try, what are you using

@monorail We tried CleanRip first, but that seems to be dropping down to like 30 KB/s a short way in for no discernible reason. We're also trying USB Loader GX, which seems to work fine except the progress indication freezes and we don't know whether it's still doing its thing in the background.

@IceWolf ohh

i've only ever used cleanrip and either it didn't do that or i was just patient, i don't remember

@monorail If it took less than 40 hours to rip... :P

We're wondering if there's some sort of problem with the disc or maybe the drive. Plays fine though.

@monorail Yeah, 40 hours is what it told us on the ETA thing anyway. (:

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