Being robbed? Just say no! Without your permission, the robber can't legally take your property.

Related: when I was learning to drive the instructor said "what does the yellow line protect you from?"

"traffic going the other way"

"wrong! it's only paint, it doesn't protect you from anything! stay alert!"

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@monorail I remember my instructor telling me "the only thing you can 100% infer from another car indicating a turn is that the bulb is working"

@monorail honestly from my experience as a cyclist in traffic, this is perhaps the best advice for driving i've ever heard

@monorail *stares blankly* the horrifyingly dangerous nature of humans acting in a situation devoid of an established order of expected behavior

@monorail "you're violating the NAP!" I scream as a callow hooligan makes off with my yellow and black bow tie made of onyx inset in 18k gold

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