pov: you're jack black and you need to find an octagon but elmo keeps showing you a stop sign

@Felthry one time Jack Black was on sesame street to teach the kids about octogons but he realised he forgot to bring one with him

so he was going to go find one but elmo popped up holding a stop sign

and Jack was very confused like "if i stop, how am i supposed to find an octogon?"

this is an effective use of dramatic irony, as the audience knows that elmo is presenting the stop sign as an example of an octogon, while Jack believes elmo is simply in his way

anyway the internet memed the hell out of it God you gave me very Lemony Snicket vibes there and I re-read the whole thing in Patrick Warburton's voice

@monorail @Felthry I love it when a meme turns out to have a completely wholesome backstory (tho I hadn't heard of this one until today) i think i might be the only person who saw this post and got it because, despite not having ever seen the skit or any of the memes based on the skit, i am very familiar with sesame street so i immediately understood the entire vibe and narrative progression of the skit just from that description

@monorail I pack my things and go home, evidently my companion in the quest for the octagon has lost all faith in my mission as they’re telling me, repeatedly, to stop

@monorail Maybe he is trying to tell you something about your behaviour, Jack.

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